Information on the planned german act on corporate due diligence in supply chains



What does the law regulate?

The law regulates requirements for responsible management of global supply chains for certain companies. Companies are provided with a legal framework for fulfilling human rights due diligence obligations. An authority is appointed to monitor and enforce compliance with due diligence obligations and is given powers to intervene. The law establishes a duty of effort. It establishes neither a duty to succeed nor guarantee liability for the companies.

Who is affected?

What are the requirements?

What does the control authority do?

What else should you know?

What to do now?

* Status 28.2.2021

DISCLAIMER This information is based on the status of the draft bill of 15.2.2021 and information from a webinar (26.2.2021) organized by the Helpdesk Business & Human Rights of the German Government with the participation of Ms. Anosha Wahidi, BMZ, and own conclusions. Amendments to the draft law are to be expected. Since the act is still work in progress, we cannot be held liable for the accuracy or completeness.

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