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Free Checklist

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5 steps to implement the Supply Chain Act

5 steps to implement the Supply Chain Act

Identify requirements

Familiarize yourself with the future requirements. Note that the German Act is expected to be replaced by a European directive.

Create your policy

Management shall provide a policy statement on due diligence that outlines the process, risks and expectations.

Map the supply chain

Map your supply chain. Who are the direct suppliers and (if known) who are the indirect suppliers

Introduce and anchor risk management system

Identify, prioritize risks, derive mitigation actions, and verify the effectiveness.

Introduce grievance and reporting mechanism

Establish Bafa reports and introduce a complaints mechanism

Team Playbbook

Supply Chain - the German Act will come

The Supply Chain Act is hitting large companies and very likely small businesses as well. Learn how you can prepare.

Some European countries already have it (France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland). Germany now wants to follow suit. The EU Parliament will vote on March 8. It is expected that the Commission will initiate a legislative procedure.

Policy statement - Adverse impacts on Human rights - Measures and effectiveness monitoring - Reporting - Grievance mechanism.



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