Customer value

Explore and adapt to changing needs by redesigning customer value.

Customer value

According to Peter Drucker, the purpose of a company is to create a customer [1]. The focus on the needs of the customer, and to create corresponding offers is the purpose of every organization. Only if the customer sees value in the offer of the organization, he will enter into bartering. However, as customer needs may change over time and the competitive landscape is not stable, it makes sense to review and track customer value.

Customer value is one of the great sources of renewal. Every market-shaping innovation revolves around a new value proposition. New value is created from deep innovation, challenging the basic assumptions of the industry, making offers available to new (large) customer groups, and also taking into account value elements for other stakeholders.

With a little structure, many questions and a bit of courage, your organization can also generate new customer value.

[1] Peter Drucker: The Practice of Management, 1954

Our model for customer value

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