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In cases where complexity cannot or should not be reduced, it is only helpful to bring more agility into the organization to seize new market opportunities. Many organizations are still driven by the traditional Taylorist management approach (hierarchies and functional division of areas, roles, and jobs ). They are immobile to react to external influences and to take advantage of new opportunities quickly. The old management approach continues to be good when there are only a few new external influences and the environment is very stable. In other cases, however, a fundamental change is necessary.

In this context, the term "New Work" is used, referring to the social philosopher Prof. Dr. med. Frithjof Bergmann. It is an attitude to work that is based on principles such as meaning, self-realization, and self-determination. Employees will increasingly ask themself what they really want to do in life and at work. The opportunity lies in a combination of the skills of self-realization with meaningfulness and strengthening employees, thereby giving them more freedom and responsibility. Thus, centralized leadership in hierarchies is gradually being replaced by decentralized (self-organized) leadership by employees as close to the customer as possible. This creates agility. It is a profound change, which has already been successfully implemented in various forms in small to very large companies.

Your organization can also benefit from greater agility.

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