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Three most important priorities

Setting priorities and to make the priorities reality is hard for most. Publish stories on your challenges to a mastermind group you trust. It is very effective, liberating and relieving. Tell stories!
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A simple exercise that can help you achieve the goals is to define the three highest priorities and to compare them to the calenders. You will soon discover if you use your time to the best advantage. You will also discover things that creep into your life frequently. The things that steal your attention from the three highest priorities.

If you do so, you force yourself to be more conscious of your time available. To make it a little more fun, identify these distraction monsters. Then share the challenges and adventures you have with the monsters with a group of people you trust. Include the feelings that you have, when the monsters show up, or when you show the monster the way out.

The result is not only that you become a master of your priorities you also focus the people around you. Telling stories about your own challenges with the distraction monsters will give you a feeling of liberation and relief.

Review and update your time spent and priorities at least once a week and share your stories in a few words with the mastermind group.




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