Team leader should be more like a trainer Team leader should be more like a trainer

The new leadership slogan

The slogan "trust is good, control is better" is outdated. Homeoffice due to lockdown has shown good results. Discover the new slogan!
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Corona showed it: Less control and more autonomy for employees often leads to increased productivity. Just like Mrs. Rückert-Hennen, head of personnel at EnBW, many people report that home office has led to better results. At EnBW, a large energy provider, 9 out of 10 managers now say that they and their employees are convinced of the home office concept [1].

As with EnbW, many teams have been forced into the home office by the lockdown. And this in contrast to the desire for control that is often still ingrained in managers. The old slogan "Trust is good - control is better!" guides the action at the moment of uncertainty. Home offices do not satisfy the desire for control. Target agreements are obviously no substitute for the desire for control. Some control has always worked and you don't do anything wrong...

The results of the lockdown, however, show that the slogan has become somewhat outdated. It does not apply across the board and should now be put to the test.

But what would be a better slogan? Just turn the slogan around? "Control is good - trust is better?". From now on, act on the basis of trust? Sounds simple, but it isn't.

Maybe you'll just try it anyway. Observe yourself, your decisions and the outcome. If you see improvements, then you have already taken a huge step forward.

Letting go often requires further changes. A manager's understanding of his or her role changes. This starts purely visually in team meetings, where the boss often sits in the same place. In virtual meetings, the arrangement of faces on the screen is left to chance. Suddenly the boss is one of many.

But the manager has important roles to play. Who else is responsible for ensuring that the team functions well under the new circumstances? How do you support self-responsibility among employees? How is the necessary flow of information ensured? How do I give the employees a feeling of security, impact and belonging? How do I recognize at a distance what needs individual employees have? How do I deal with the fact that employees react differently to home office?

Control is good, Klopp-Like brings winners!

The role of the manager moves away from being a distributor of resources, tasks, information and goals to being a coach, stakeholder manager, team integrator, communicator and supporter. The role is more like that of a trainer, like Jürgen Klopp [2]. A trainer who makes his team successful in the company. So the slogan is: "Control is good, Klopp-Like brings winners!".




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