Authentic Storytelling with "Gratitude & Pasta"

Chris Schembra's dinner events "gratitude & pasta" reveal, that people are natural storytellers and connect through stories even if they haven't met before.
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Chris Schembra's dinner events "Gratitude & Pasta" show that people are natural storytellers and connect through stories, even if they have never met before. Sharing stories about situations that have created deep gratitude towards other people in you is full of emotion and connects people.

Yesterday I have learned about dinner events organized by Chris Schembra from New York. Out of frustration of feeling lonely he started dinner events around pasta dishes and uses one question to spark conversations."If you could give credit or thanks to one person in your life, who you don't give credit or thanks to, who would it be?"

People show up at these events and enjoy deep emotions and build new connection through the stories. He says, that on average they have 6 people crying. An event with 3 people crying is considered a failed night.

He invites people in person and makes it as simple as he can to join in. Dishes are simple as well.

The events do not only work through the food. They combine experiences on many levels. First, true gratitude is a positive thing. People show up as human beings. They are willing and able to share stories about something positive from their lives. Second, many have had similar experiences and so the mirror neurons are fired. Thirdly, other senses are stimulated, so that the whole experience is remembered.

Although the participants have never met before, the experience quickly connects them with the stories. It stops the old habit of rather ineffective and boring networking events. Stories make all the difference.

Chris says, he has reached 400.000 people all over the world in more than 250 dinner events [1].



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