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How do you know, if your idea provides clarity to others? It might be clear to you, but others might have many questions. How do you increase the clarity in your idea?

A high clarity helps a lot to align an organization. It can be a very motivational factor. It will help to increase the effectiveness in realizing the idea. Clarity brings alignment in leadership, systems, teams, departments supporting the work to the overall purpose.

What contributes to clarity?

1: Does the idea focus on improving the value proposition for your customer?

When discussing ideas, there can be tendencies to primarily talk about other factors, like technology or shareholder value. For instance technology: People might be in an urge to use new technology for advancing digital transformation, applying artificial intelligence, or big data, or the blockchain. Technology drives costs down in the value creation. Eventually the customer benefits from lower prices. But does the customer really care about better prices? Do these new technologies help the customer to get the job done? Or will you address a new market segment with lower prices?

Look for the ideas that provide a way to create value for the customers and all other stakeholders.

2: Does the idea clarify how the organization will operate in the market?

The idea should help to increase differentiation of your offering. Will the idea help to set your offering apart from others?

Also it should reveal the way you act in the market. It should provide an indication, if you intend to collaborate or compete with other market players, and if you intend to storm a hill as a pioneer towards a new position or build a moat around your current position.

3: Is the idea easily communicated?

Ideas should not be difficult to comprehend. If people have difficulty understanding the idea, they will not act on it. Therefore ideas should be easy to explain, to repeat, to understand and to be communicated by many. For instance, ideas that can be boiled down to a very short mantra or symbol are by far better than ideas that take 5 min to explain.

That means the way an idea is condensed and told is also important to achieve high clarity.

For instance, do you remember the slogans of Mircosoft: “a computer on every desk and in every home” or the slogan of Southwest Airlines: “wheels up”. These are great examples, in what an organization aims to achieve, they are stimulating, they directly and indirectly set priorities.

In conclusion: To evaluate clarity in ideas for renewal of organizations, look for the focus on improving the value proposition, the way you act in the market but also how easy it is to communicate the idea.

This is part four of the five elements of organizational renewal comprising identity, reality, creativity, clarity and superiority.

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The last of the five elements of organizational renewal is superiority. Superiority is the capability of the organization to excel on the id

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