What else is true?

Use the power of stories to remove blind spots for yourself or for the organization. Take up on weak signals, that you might overlook.
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Only a few transformation and change initiatives get to the results you envision. You put new structures, processes, technology, or other practices in place. Townhalls, electronic communication and accompanying material are plentiful. But still, people don't move that fast, as you would like to see.

People have their own realities and need for interpretation. They might have difficulties to share your priorities. They carry their stories in their minds that might differ from yours. Even so, they try hard, they sometimes fail to create the link between your world and theirs. Also, if you would take the time to explore the meaning of keywords you will discover a chasm in understanding.

Stories are an elegant way to overcome this recurrent calamity. By stories, you exemplify your understanding of keywords or the world you are in. But also, you might help to open up your teams to change, if they can exchange observations and stories of things of what else is true.

ASK: What else is true?

Your organization nests in different environments. Everyone has an understanding of the marketplace, technology, stakeholder, processes and culture. Sometimes the understanding is very strong, it is a deep-rooted belief. A belief anchored into the brain, that it gets rarely questioned. Give people some food and inspiration of something that is true and valid outside the world they live in. What changes are happening? Which examples announce major shifts? What could happen to your organization?

To make it easy, ask for stories of things people observe or experience themself or somewhere in the world. Ask: what else is true?


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