I listen, inspire, ask, question, orient, advise or challenge. With a program for the needs and intentions of your organization I guide with you the renewal through the necessary phases. Based on the needs of the people in the organization, relevant moves are identified and implemented in an environment in which the participants assume responsibility, feel that they belong, and create a societal impact.

Business partners appreciate my structure, ability to analyze, goal orientation, creativity, independent perspective as well as my diplomatic and benevolent nature.

I believe in the future potential of people in your organization.


Having worked in the lighting industry for many years I experienced first hand what it means when there is a disruption. The established basis, the value proposition, the customer relationships and the skill set are slowly disappearing.
Over a very long time I have learnt to undertake the process of discovery, to pivot, to fight inertia, to partner, to acquire new skills, to develop boldness and to focus on things that really matter. And, in the end, I have learnt that success is made by humans. They drive transformations, if they receive attention, appreciation, and a little guidance. Many organizations have trouble to cope with the changing world. Therefore I decided to support organizations with my unique blend of experiences, knowledge, venturing methods coupled with the strong focus on people.
I do this at the confluence of two trends, the new work reality and the spread of exponential technologies. The role I play in that is the role of a mentor and catalyzer to help people’s ideas to come to fruition and thereby renewing the organizations.

Your partner for the renewal of organizations:
for your customers and employees, for growth and for sustainability.

Dr. Holger Laabs (MBA)

I work with clients who have the courage to grow.

Holger Laabs has many years of professional experience (~ 16 years) in the lighting industry at OSRAM GmbH. There he worked in various functions, in particular in leading product marketing and product development for the industry, medical and entertainment industies in a B2B environment. Many innovations have emerged here, both close to the core business and transformative innovations in new fields. Through technological change in the lighting industry, Holger Laabs has acquired unique experience in realigning business areas and solidifying new business ideas. In internal innovation competitions and digital initiatives, he was sparring partner, idea generator, networker and mentor.

On the basis of this wealth of experience, in 2016 he joined the group of coaches of the accelerator “Fashion Fusion” of Deutsche Telekom

. In addition, he has mentored / coached in the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials, an accelerator for new materials , and in the entrepreneurship seminar in the field of lighting technology / electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin.

Through engagements in various associations (BITKOM, OptecBB, Edinburgh Business Club, Marketing Club) he has a broad network in various industries. In addition, he has good contacts with research institutes and universities or business schools and, among other things, as alumni of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation he has access to high-ranking scientists worldwide.

The academic roots are in Physics (PhD) and the Masters of Business Administration.


Despite a huge variety of methods and frameworks for the management of organizations, despite many good examples in the business world and despite the work of large and small consulting firms, many organizations do not manage to maintain their vitality in the long term and fulfill their purpose sustainably.

70-90% of organizations miss strategic goals in renewal or transformation projects (digital or otherwise). The success is made by the people involved.

They need the most attention and are number one priority for me. Therefore, in addition to the methodical work, I create the context that people need. A context that questions existing assumptions. A context in which ideas can rub against each other and that helps to bridge conflicting stances.

I believe that your organization already contains the germ of new things. Often it does not develop, because the daily business keeps you busy full time. It needs a space where new ideas can be developed.

With workshop formats, I enable organizations to efficiently exchange and evaluate new ideas to create or increase customer value.
I rely on purposeful questions and both fast and slow reactions or answers. Every participant has the same priority and the right to speak. Preferably, the external perspective is pulled in. In doing so, I focus on maximum transparency in order to facilitate trust thoughout the renewal initiative.



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