Create sustainable business models

Create sustainable business models

Create sustainable business models

How to fuse sustainability with your business model

4 steps to to a sustainanble business model


Map your business

Map the extended business model including the stakeholder ecosystem, societal aspects and supply chain relevant to the business.


Develop innovative options

Use classic as well as specific approaches to develop options for new business models.


Test and refine the options

Run stress test, discover your advantage and link drivers of value and competitive advantage


Get started

Pilot the business model to test the impact. By doing so, set new standards and shift the competition.


Stop risking your future with 'business as usual'. Sustainable business is moving up the agenda.
Instead of struggling with rising costs, rebuild your business model for sustainability with innovation.
We guide you through the four steps.

Online Platform

Train, learn, test and implement innovations with an online platform for your teams and employees. In this way, you drive bottom-up initiatives alongside top-down ones and strengthen innovation capabilities of your organization.

Holger Laabs

Dr. Holger Laabs

What makes us different

We aim to make our contribution to strengthening sustainability in companies. To achieve this for many companies, we have created a platform BlueInnovator." This platform empowers your employees to innovate through training, tools and a collaborative forum.
Be great with sustainability and innovation!



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