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With the myriad changes in the world, you are looking for the approach that fits the needs of your organization. You know that there is often resistance. You want the organization to break new ground together with you. We know that you can do it.

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Unlike others, we combine the rational thinking in strategy and innovation with the creative method of storytelling. This way you will achieve better results faster.


“Strategy making needs to function beyond the boxes, to encourage informal learning that produces new perspectives and new combinations.”

Henry Mintzberg

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self-starting, self-motivating, goal-oriented, risk-taking venturer

holger laabs


Our Effective Approach to Strategy and Innovation

Find the right growth strategy

Marketing and innovations tailored to customer value needs are the basic function of your organization. Build growth now!


Develop Agile Capabilities

To build strength: Invest in your employee's skills to increase agility!

Strengthen identity and brand

Define your identity: who are you and who do you want to be in the future? What story should others tell about you?


I work with clients who have the courage to grow.

Dr. Holger Laabs

founder and CEO


Mixing storytelling with strategy and innovation methods increases effectiveness. This creates the essential prerequisite for success: knowing the variety of customer needs. In addition, with a little storytelling, you have many other advantages, including

  • Diversity: Storytelling makes new ideas or facts more understandable and opens up new perspectives.
  • Alignment: A strong narrative forms a common self-image of the organization and activates it.
  • New developments: Storytelling increases awareness of new developments in your markets.
  • Impactful communication: The unity of rational arguments and stories makes your communication impactful.


My mission is to keep organizations successful over the long term through renewal and transformation. This is how organizations fulfill their purpose over long periods of time. The people involved will develop and experience the societal impact of their work. Two trends give tailwind: the new work reality and exponential technologies. Wherever possible, I want organizations to contribute to the global goals of the United Nations. By doing so I make a contribution to the urgent problems of the world.

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Organizational Renewal

Information for collaboration


Mid to large size organizations or business units
You seek to expand the knowledge base and skills and to improve customer experience
You are ready for taking calculated risks and engaging in personal change
You have the courage to narrow your business
You have the support of the owners or of the supervisory board or of the management board for the renewal
You enable me to do my best work

What you can expect

Conversations with customers and users
Decisions based on data
Experience of creative abrasion
Appreciating weak signals, early indicators of changes
Discover ideas that are already in your organization

What you cannot expect

Finished concepts, recipes and instructions
Market or process studies and long powerpoint reports
Knowledge of your domain
Immediate successes for the next quarterly report
Changes without paying attention to the needs of the participants



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