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If you want to make your organization more resilient, productive or sustainable, strengthen your teams!

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Team leader test
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Team Playbook

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Holger Laabs

Dr. Holger Laabs


Our passion is innovation and renewal. We know that you need strong teams to achieve this. These teams do not come into being by themselves. We help you to build strong teams.


We promote the power of implementation and creativity in your teams. We help by asking questions, encouraging feedback and development and providing tools.


We develop software, consult and coach.

For whom we work

For medium and large companies with the desire to change, become more agile and bring about positive, sustainable changes.


Our Goal

Achieve measurable success in 1000 organizations by 2025

What makes us different

We build safe spaces where transparency, openness and respect deepen the relationships between team members and others. This creates safety, belonging and meaning for the employees in your organization. The teams become more autonomous and effective. Through teams you achieve sustainable success.



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